hadn't CONTRACTION had not.

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  • hadn't — by 1705, contraction of had not …   Etymology dictionary

  • hadn't — (had not) n. no, negative (used together with another verb to indicate past tense); did not possess …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hadn't — [had′ nt] contraction had not …   English World dictionary

  • HADN'T — contr. had not. * * * /ˈhædn̩t/ used as a contraction of had not They hadn t arrived at the party yet. Hadn t we better be going now? * * * hadn t [hadn t] [ˈhædnt] [ˈhædnt] short form had not …   Useful english dictionary

  • hadn't — had|n t [ˈhædnt] short for had not ▪ If I hadn t seen it myself, I d never have believed it …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • hadn't — [[t]hæ̱d(ə)nt[/t]] Hadn t is the usual spoken form of had not …   English dictionary

  • hadn't — short for had not : If I hadn t seen it myself, I d never have believed it …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • hadn't — [ˈhæd(ə)nt] short form the usual way of saying or writing ‘had not . This is not often used in formal writing I wish I hadn t sent that email.[/ex] …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • hadn't ought — This is a nonstandard expression for shouldn t: You shouldn t (not hadn t ought) do that. Had ought is as illiterate as hadn t ought. Do not use it for should in a statement such as You had ought to leave at once …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • hadn't ought — chiefly dialect : ought not usually used with to you really hadn t ought to do that …   Useful english dictionary

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